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I'm happy to know people likes my work enough to invite me to assist to events in my country and outside Link La by sir-zeke Best part is all the friends I'm able to share these upcoming moments with and the new ones I'll meet Link La by sir-zeke This year I already have a few new cosplays coming up, so I hope you all like them! So here below you can find the "propaganda" to these events I'll be assisting as a guest :heart:

Cosparty 2014 Talk Show - Costa Rica

Since last year, CosplayPartyCR has started organizing talk shows with local cosplayers so the public can ask questions. I'm glad to know I'll be participating next to Ruty-chan, Hayo-Chan, ThonyOreSama, TanyaNoAtelier and a veteran like Choi Link La by sir-zeke Hope we all receive lots of questions <da:thumb id="196695506"/>

Minicon 2014 - Nicaragua

Akiba K Day 5 - Panamá

Bunka no Matsuri - Guatemala

And all is thanks to those out there who follow me and support my work everyday :heart: Thanks again!

Follow me!

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I'll be in July 6th at the event Minicon 2014 in Nicaragua as a guest and judge of the cosplay contest! It willl be my first time there so I hope to meet many people out there and make lots of friends :D

I'm going with Hayo-Chan and we will be working on new cosplays just for it!!!

Hayo-Chan Arashi-GEMARA 

Hi guys just wanted to share a video from my Wind Waker skit I did with Hayo-Chan. Hopefully you all like it n_n

Thanks :heart::hug:

Kings and Poes

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 10:16 AM
Stamp Collection | Gallery

Well I was FINALLY able to do the Poe set like a month ago and finally had time to make this entry I donīt even know if people read them but I like to make them :)

So below you'll be able to find some pictures from outside sources of the costumes and sets I've had this year including: King from KOF, Poe Collector from Zelda Ocarina of Time and finally the Suckerpunch one for Calendario Cosplay. I hope you like them all :) I'm adding more pictures from outside sources :D

Babydoll from Suckerpunch
Photos by Calendario-Cosplay

Sucker Punch by Calendario-Cosplay

SUCKER PUNCH by Calendario-Cosplay

Search and Destroy by CyanideKandies

Tomorrow Never Knows by CyanideKandies

Poe Collector From The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Photo by WilliamBrenes

Bring me more by WilliamBrenes

Poe Collector by CyanideKandies

Poes and Stuff by CyanideKandies





King from King of Fighters XIII
Photos by Erick Morales

The KING of Fighters by CyanideKandies


I'll make sure to update this with more and more as they come :)

... Page
I usually visit I have some fanfics published there. I'd like to get reviews! :D

Suckerpunch and Poes

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 8:55 PM
Stamp Collection | Gallery

So a couple of weeks ago we finally had our Suckerpunch shoot and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you both the ones I uploaded and the ones :iconcalendario-cosplay: did too. I really do hope you like them and you continue to visit my gallery and support them!

Tomorrow Never Knows by CyanideKandiesSearch and Destroy by CyanideKandies

Sucker Punch by Calendario-Cosplay
SUCKER PUNCH by Calendario-Cosplay

Super Smash Bomber by Blackblader
Man of Steel by Hideyoshi
James by Kazyl

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?
  • 1. E3! Big week, big announcements, some dissapointments, but at least we have megaman in the new Super Smash Brothers :heart:
  • 2. Man of Steel! An amazing movie with a great director behind it making DC Universe movies a lot better.
  • 3. Father's Day, and to represent it, James from Fallout 3 who plays the role of your character's Dad, the best Dad in videogames for me for the love he showed to you and the connection you get to create with him.


Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 12:56 AM

So today I'm here to talk to you about a project that has been going on for a couple of years here in Costa Rica. A group of photographers decided they wanted to provide the proper recognition and appreciation to local cosplayers by offering them an opportunity to have high quality photographs taken at cons. On 2011, they started a project to make a calendar to reach this goal, however going the extra mile by offering any funds raised from it's sale to go to children's help charities.

The name of this organization is Calendario-Cosplay and as of now there are many other countries that have started the same initiative to promote not only the cosplayer's talent but also help others while doing it. It's inspiring what they're up to so I will appreciate if you could all visit their deviant site or follow them on facebook to help support the ideal.

Below are some of their photos:

Bioshock by Calendario-Cosplay Tidus Final Fantasy x by Calendario-Cosplay Li Xingke de Code Geass by Calendario-Cosplay DIGIMON by Calendario-Cosplay BLAIR / SOUL EATER by Calendario-Cosplay MORTAL KOMBAT by Calendario-Cosplay KAGUYA by Calendario-Cosplay AMAIMON / AO NO EXORCIST by Calendario-Cosplay Grave of Maria by Calendario-Cosplay MAMI TOMOE / MADOKA MAGICA by Calendario-Cosplay Cosplay Ranma by Calendario-Cosplay Spawn Gunslinger by Calendario-Cosplay
Ezio Auditore by Calendario-Cosplay Bridget - Guilty Gear by Calendario-Cosplay Doll y Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji by Calendario-Cosplay

Last year they organized a contest for who will be appearing in the 2014 calendar, my friends and I made to the group category with our Suckerpunch costume so I'm happy to say this weekend we're finally going to take this pictures and I'll have better Babydoll photos with improvements in the weapons and costume. I really hope you all will have the time to see them and let me know what you think about them! My friend :iconruty-chan: will wearing her Rocket costume so will also suggest to check her amazing photos. Here are some previous of the other suckerpunch girls costumes!

Suckerpunch Cast by CyanideKandies
Where is my Mind by CyanideKandies SUCKER PUNCH by Calendario-Cosplay SUCKER PUNCH by Calendario-Cosplay

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Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 1:50 AM

So this year I've seen a lot of my friends move on with their lives to achieve the best of them while I feel I'm still stuck because of lacking inspiration and motivation to do anything at all. I hope this year it all changes and I can finally start achieving something of myself. I'll do my best, I hope. One of the things I want to improve is my artistic side, not only by going back to study graphic design but to drawing, painting, taking photos and of course, cosplaying.

Regarding cosplay I'm planning on redoing some old stuff to get better pictures so below you can find a list of the ones you might see coming back to my gallery with a better costumer and pictures:

:bulletred: Stocking from PSG
:bulletred: Amaterasu from Okami
:bulletred: BabyDoll from Suckerpunch. This one in particular will have amazing photographs from :calendario-cosplay:
:bulletred: Poe Collector from Pokemon

So is a big list, and I also have some side projects I also wish to start on. Let me know if there's any other you think might fit me :) If I like the character I'll do it ;)

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Kanto Gym Badges Divider by ViciousCherry

Gijinkas are personifications of animals or things. Also, kemonomimi are also personifications but with animal features, like tails or ears. I specially love this type of cosplays as you get to design your costume at will. Since I wanted to start on a couple of features, I decided to start with one featuring as many pokemon gijinkas as I could find on DA. The pictures were selected depending on the pose, the design and the photo itself, so you will not ding any con, group or bad photo here. I'm missing a few, but not all have been cosplayed. If you find any I might be missing send me the link and I'll gladly add it. Make sure to visit the galleries of the artists you like and congrats them on the job! Thanks for reading!

Bulbasaur - Pokemon by FrancescaMisa Pokemon - Ivysaur #3 by VioletYuki EOY11 - Mama Venasaur by satoshi-miyako:thumb123562048: Intense Charmeleon by BOiKEM
Watashi no tsubasa by Hikaru-Strife Squirtle Gijinka by Coco-Bean66

Mature Content

PKMN: Aqua Tail by Devilish0Kisa

Gijinka Blastoise 02 by portpolyonamo1979 Caterpie Ginjinka by sadako10 Pokemon - Butterfree: Ready to Fly by Miyazawa-Lulu Pidgey Perched by agentsakur9 Pidgeotto pokemon! by Dannie-Itsuma And now, DESTRUCTION by yattacloud Pokemon Gijinka - Ekans 2 by luchia-28 Now show me your fangs. by shut-up-and-duel-me Pikachuu Pokemon by mauchaconb:thumb76175139: Mud Shot by Let-It-Shine POKEMON - in the tree by AlBhedNika Nido by Siamcat-Demeter Vulpix by mrsmonaghan Ninetails Gijinka - 02 by Invincibilis Puff by EvilSp0rk ZUUUUUU by EclecticManiac Wild Zubat... by Lexiipantz Oddish  Gijinka 2 by FrauDoku Gloom by blitzacetidus Giflor by fotoboerb Parasect uses Spore! by Dancing-Squirrel Pokemon - Meowth by PerfectCheeryBlossom Dance Persian by HinoteIchimaru Psyduck by is-teh-lurvz Primeape Ginjinka by SolarisYuna:thumb187784573: Arcanine by InflammableMika Gijinka Pokemon by itzcoatl1328 waterfall by darkreilia:thumb332049981: MaChoke by WhoeMelk13 Attack by K0nataChan Lady Plant by PiggyNukka Ponyta: Play with the Fire by Yufi-Yu Pokemon Meet Glasgow by Ignnis Slowpoke cosplay by RubeeAmadare Just Chillin' by AngryPixieDesign Powering Up by Leadmill Nyaan by sailorbaka Dodrio by sailorbaka Jugon - Pokemon Gijinka 1 by Ai-Megumi Cloyster Gijinka 2 by MirrorDancer Gastly~ by AkitoAgitoNoah Haunter Gijinka by Faxen Pokemon - #094 Gengar [Gijinka] by Luna-x-Kitty Pokemon: Electrode by GazGetz:thumb366169557: Lickitung ~ Pokemon by MimiEmotion Smogon Koffing 2 by Zynicus Weezing Gijinka 1 by zerphia Rhydon Gijinka -HB Version by kitetheworld chansey cosplay RELOADED by akimaa Horsea Gijinka Cosplay by Nahlarys Near the Water by SinystraSunshine F-CK YEAH SEAKING by KasuKitty:thumb360713905: Truant Pokemon by rai-kamishiro Pinsir Gijinka by Psyco-Kaye Magikarp Gijinka by Xalus-chan R A W R - Gyarados gijinka. by lovelyJuudaime:thumb346402933: Evoli-Eevee II by LinUchiha On the Sky - Vaporeon Cosplay by usagiyuu Jolteon Gijinka Cosplay by nekochik Delicate Walk by PunkXkitsune omastar by anisel:thumb184840345: Articuno by Aerialdown Zapdos by pirate266 Majestic Moltres by Ryu-chan89 You've Spotted a Dratini by RemDragon8 Human Dragonair by Giuzzys Pokemon::Rethink by XuchilbaraPH:thumb308475507:

150 check by now, lot more to go, but as I don't how many thumbs a journal can handle it I'll continue little by little :)

Kanto Gym Badges Divider by ViciousCherry
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So I have started a new group to try to help new and existing cosplayers get their job known. Every week the goal is to show our members and any deviant passing by a new cosplayer and the job they've done so far plus an interview to try to get them known. Please take a look and be welcomed to join or affiliate your group. we're really looking forward for you to be a part of all of these!


You might be next week's!

Cosplayer's so far:

Week 1: :icondreamscometroo:

Week 2: :icontajfu:
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  • Drinking: Green Tea
  • Listening to: Proof of Myself
  • Reading: Sincerelly... nothing
  • Watching: Maria Holic
  • Playing: Pokemon Platinum
  • Eating: Tuna x3
  • Drinking: Green Tea
So we made it, 68 gijinkas and trainers at the fest *O* Literally it was like a pokemon snap *w*  Me and my friend :iconmauchaconb: succeded at the end and we must thanks all those 68 persons that believed in our idea and followed us ;) and those who gave us their support!!!!

A pokemon snap will go on soon and you'll be able to see them all x3

Here's the list *¬* and the awesome people who took care to bringing them to live n_n


Absol - Claudio Umaña
Ariados - Any Baimason
Banette - Michelle Cerdas
Beautifly - Tania Bermudez
Bellosom - Yendry Vargas
Blaziken - Marcos V
Butterfree - Stephanie Maria Rodriguez
Cacturne - Anthony Ramirez
Charizard - Maura Campos
Corsola - Maria Rodriguez
Cubone - Maria Jose Quiros
Darkari - Alberto Bonilla
Duskull - Anthony Zuñiga
Entei - Ithan Tule
Flygon - Nela Quiros
Geodude - Oscar Cabrera
Glaceon - Akura
Gloom - Nathalie Castro Montero (Moka)
Houndoom - Kevin Hsieh
Hypno - Steve Aguilar
Jinx -Diego Umaña
Kyogre - Eduardo Soto
Lapras - Ana Lucía Valverde
Lucario - David Granados
Luxray - Jose Carlos Jimenez(Negishi)
Magnezone - Kat Soto Barquero
Meowth - Nathalia Olivares
Mightyena - Andrea Lobo
Mismagius - Alexandra Diermissen
Ninetails - Diana Leiton
Pichu - Andrea Ortega (Hayo)
Pikachu - Mauren Chacón
Poochyena - David Castillo
Sanshdrew - Pedro Ruiz
Scyther - Melissa Sagel (Lavi)
Scyzor - Jorge Sanchez
Shaymin - Paola Jimenez
Shiftry - Reyshy
Skitty - Michelle Alvarado
Snorlax - Esteban Lara
Squirtle - Jose Carlos Picado
Staraptor - Erick Morales
Torchic - Vangie Aguilar
Typhlosion - Allan Chacón
Umbreon Shiny - Pinekko
Umbreon - Francine Sequeira
Ursaring - Guillermo Saenz

Brook - Christopher Leon Cespedes
Dawn - Wendy Cerdas
James - Fabian Monge
Misty - Joshe Ortega
Profesor Oak - Luis Diego Thomas Rodríguez
Red -Ronald Barrantes
Team Magma Member - Amanda Alvarado
Team Magma Member - Carlos Andres Avalos
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So here we are 3 weeks prior to the next fest... Cosplay Party. I'm preparing 2 cosplays for this one because I'm going to be dancing with some friends and an anime dance off and also, with my crew, I'll be preparing a Katekyo Hitman Reborn cosplay n_n WHICH WE HAVEN'T END YET T.T We hope we can finish it for the event *crossing fingers*.

Basically this entry it's just to keep up with my friends and to learn how to use a journal :P

If you're from Costa Rica, I hope you come to the fest and support us n_n I'll really do my best to fit this character... but until then it'll remain secret x(

xoxo KSGN*Kanda
°w° Rawr~
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